We are practicing mainly in the following areas:

  • Accounting and transaction processing :
    A dedicated staff of our company is serving in this area, assisting your enterprise in accounting, data processing and solving your accounting needs.
  • Taxation :
    A team of professionals will help you in finding your income tax liability, tax planning, wealth tax liabilities, calculation of Advance tax and reminders of various income tax compliance. Moreover, assisting you in tax disputed matters including filing and handling appeals at various stages of income tax department.
  • VAT / Commercial Tax :
    Our company will help you in getting registration with commercial tax (VAT) department, maintaining and filing various forms with such department, finding exact rates of tax applicable to your product, advising on VAT matters, filing and handling appeals in disputed matter.
  • Excise and Custom :
    We will be able to help you in registration of Excise and custom department, finding rates of tax for your product, assisting in finding various governmental benefits in case of custom and excise if any to your enterprise.
  • Registration with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) with Development commissioner :
    While starting manufacturing or service activities, the company / person is required to register with MSME (formally known as SSI – license). We will help you in filing such forms, getting license from MSME and maintaining the license.
  • Finance :
    We are focusing on providing finance from nationalized, private banks for your proposals which are above 1 crore (INR). We are ensuring best competitive rate of interest for your company and assisting you in setting best leverage policy of finance to your company.
  • Investments :
    Our penal of research wing will help to high net worth individuals / company for handling their wealth and investing their money in such a manner to yield best returns with minimum risk. We are handling wealth management of ticket size of more than 1 crore (INR).
  • Insurance :
    Professional people of various insurance companies are having liaison with our company. We are helping in insurance of your company, stock insurance, asset insurance, personal insurance and accidental insurance with best competitive rate and covering your risks.
  • Tax planning :
    A very well planned structure of your company / enterprise will help you in saving huge money of taxation. Our company will help you out from the very beginning of structuring of your company / enterprise including restructuring of existing company / enterprise.
  • Management and allied Consultancy :
    Management and allied Consultancy:We are advising to your company on various fields including management consulting, family financial arrangement advices and property purchasing and registration advices.